We fight to make the world the same for everyone.


Thought experiments (Gedankenexperimenten) are "facts" in the sense that they have a "real life" correlate in the form of electrochemical activity in the brain. But it is quite obvious that they do not relate to facts "out there". They are not true statements.

How we impact the society

We believe in a world where everyone can live comfortably.

Every year La Vault and its local partners train and empower thousands of people on creating wealth and living a successful life, provide direct services to tens of thousands of individuals, and indirectly assist hundreds of thousands of people to access funds through our partner organizations and capacity building initiatives. We want everyone to have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of paying for quality education, build their dream house, feed and cloth their kids etc.

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Help us change the world, one life at a time

Have you ever walked down the street and seen a couple of homeless kids with no way of fending for themselves or perhaps witnessed a friend/relative persecuted unjustly? We are sure that wasn't a pretty sight so this is an opportunity to make things better. Make a difference in someone's life now and someone else might just do the same for you. Let us change each others' life from today

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593 lives were touched yesterday.

More hands are needed on a daily basis for the change to be effective.